Reviews – Do you leave them? Read them?

It rarely happens, but it happened today. A less than pleasant review for ‘The Beautiful Shepherd’.  It happens. But the one star one’s are always suspect because they generally seem to have been written by someone who has hurt in their heart – and if you see what else they have reviewed, they are normally all of a similar ilk. I have to admit, I did take exception to the “I don’t think English is his first language!”

But it set me thinking (and smoking!) Do people pay much attention to bok reviews, especially if they are, well, spiky? In the same way, I always look thinly on 5 star reviews. And, I’ve had some really good feedback from 3 or 4 star ones.

And I rarely leave reviews. Why? Busy? Lazy? Both, I suppose. But after today I’ll make more of an effort.

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